Deep Dive: Babe Pro Tools

September 30, 2022

Babe Original Pro Tools Set

We’re all about simplifying your routines and helping you make the most of your results. We love a good treatment, but how can you maintain that level of care throughout your entire beauty routine? Enter  Babe Pro Tools.

Here’s the 411 on what each Babe tool does and how it can be used to quickly elevate any look or routine!

Pro Lash Separator
The  Pro Lash Separator is the MVP of the Babe tools. It’s always going  viral on TikTok and is so popular it keeps selling out. Here’s why people love it!

This fine-toothed metal comb is designed to immediately separate and lift your lashes  after putting on mascara. That means no more clumps or lashes sticking together, so you can get perfect fanned-out lashes every day, regardless of which mascara you use! (Also, if you’re looking for a new mascara, we can  point you in the right direction. 😉)

No more using an old, hard-to-clean spoolie brush or a dangerous safety pin (OGs know what we’re talking about) to separate your lashes. See it for yourself!


Lash Curler
We tested so many different lash curlers until we found ours, but she was worth the search.  Lash Curler is our tried-and-true tool to safely curl and lift your lashes for to give your lash line a special pop. 

Eyelash curlers have gotten a bad rep, but with a high-quality tool, you can safely and effectively lift your lashes. Our Pro Lash Lifter has a universally-shaped arch to fit all eye shapes. Say goodbye to the days of pinching your eyelid or getting a cramp in your wrist trying to angle your curler against your lash line. We created this curler with all lash lengths in mind - and while you go through your lash journey, you’ll find that the right tool can make all the difference. Plus, it comes with 3 liner refills to swap yours out every 6 months - just be sure to disinfect your liner between switching them out!

Here are some handy Babe-approved tips and tricks to get the best results while using your lash curler safely:

1. Always use the lash curler before putting on mascara - not after
2. Only use a clean, damage-free lash curler
3. Replace the liner in your lash curler every 6 months
4. Gently squeeze the lashes about three times, going from root to tip
5. Don’t pull at your eyelashes while using the lash lifter


      Pro Tweezers
      Most of us are pretty well acquainted with tweezers - especially if you lived through the early 2000s - but the  Pro Tweezers are a step-up from the old, dull tweezers in your makeup bag. And better yet, they’re perfect to use with the  Babe Brow Serum.

      These tweezers are made with a pro-recommended slanted tip that helps you get a super-precise pluck and avoid breakage while tweezing. That means a cleaner removal and fewer ingrown hairs!

      Want to make it even easier to remove unwanted brow hairs? Use a warm washcloth before plucking to open your pores, then use the Pro Tweezers to pull the hair out in the direction of your hair growth. Lots of Babes save the plucking for when they’re fresh out of the shower to take advantage of those soft, open pores.


      And that’s it! Three easy-to-use tools that’ll fit in great with your makeup collection. Get em for yourself, or treat a friend to a leveled-up beauty regimen. 


      Babe Original


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