Deep-Dive: Plumping Lip Jelly

July 05, 2021 1 Comment

Babe Original Babe Glow Plumping Lip Jelly

Plump, kissable lips are always on-trend. Ever since the early 2000s gave us at-home lip plumpers, the combination of gloss and lip plumping has been a must-have on a lot of people’s ride-or-die makeup products.

You know how it goes: swipe on your fav lip plumper, and then - BAM - in a couple of minutes, you’ve got fuller-looking lips for several hours. Easy peasy, no needles required.

The only problem that many traditional lip plumpers have isHOWit plumps the lips. Because traditional plumpers use irritants (like capsaicin, cinnamon, or mild bee venom) to give lips the just kissed effect. Aside from the obvious problem of irritating your lips is that the more a person used it, the less effective it became as your lips develop a tolerance to the ingredient in the lip plumper.

BUT - there’s a way to plump your lips and nourish them at the same time. We call it Plumping Lip Jelly. And no - it does not have any of those no-no ingredients we talked about above.

How Our Plumping Lip Jelly Works

We’re all about performance-based cosmetics. It’s like marrying the best parts of skincare and makeup into an effective product that WORKS. So you get a lip plumper that actually plumps your lips while it moisturizes and nourishes them, giving you immediately plumper-looking lips as well as hydration that lasts. Here are some of the all-star ingredients in the Babe Plumping Lip Jelly that make it so great.

Babe Glow Plumping Lip Jelly Ingredients

Sodium Hyaluronate + Glucomannan
Together, these ingredients form filling spheres that penetrate the skin on your lips to absorb water that would have evaporated. As the volume of the spheres increase, they create a smooth, elastic surface.Here’s the less sciency translation: this ingredient combo fills your lips with moisture for a hydrated and plumped effect!

Vanillyl Butyl Ether (VBE)
VBE provides a mild warming/tingling sensation. This ingredient has made its way into new lip plumpers as a nod to the traditional lip plumpers that caused a stinging sensation. Our customers often say it feels really soothing on their lips, and gives you that “just kissed” feeling.

Peptides increase oil solubility and skin penetration, smoothing the skin’s outermost layer. They are also responsible for being the building blocks of proteins like collagen and elastin and keratin, vital elements in your hair and skin. 

Vitamin E
An antioxidant (which is V important in fighting free radicals) that conditions the skin and reduces inflammation.

Babe Glow Plumping Lip Jelly How-To

How To Use
Of course, using  Plumping Lip Jelly is easy. Just swipe on one (or more) layer of lip jelly onto your lips, enjoy the tingling sensation for a couple of minutes, and then look in the mirror to see plumper, glossy lips waiting for you. Reapply as needed throughout the day, for a color touch-up or just a quick moisture-surge.

Customize your look by choosing from Red Glass,Sheer Mauve, and Clear (PS more colors coming soon 👀). A pro Babe tip: you can wear the Clear lip plumper over your favorite shade of lipstick or liner to give your favorite lip color a plumping effect! Ta-da. ✨



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July 26, 2022

Just ordered 2 shades of the lip jelly plumper. Can’t wait to get them and see if they really work!

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